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Schools Online allows principals and selected staff to view and maintain information about their school and students, which the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) holds. To ensure security and confidentiality you will need a User ID, secret PIN or password to access the site.

Visit the NESA site for more information about the HSC and the RoSA, plus news and key dates.


  • 2022 & 2023 Timetable of actions for schools

  • 2022 HSC Key dates

    If you enrol a Y10, Y11 or Y12 student - They will have a NESA number - check with Student Records if not received.
  • VET TIP - If you cannot add a qualification, have you added an RTO? If yes - check in with your RTO

    Nominate RoSA school leavers for 2022 on Schools Online:
    Option 1 - Y11 & Y12 now closed - Option 2 available

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